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Mobile Device Detection


Jena Communications is an Interactive Mobile Agency specializing in Mobile Websites, Mobile Device Detection, Mobile Optimized Websites, Browser Detection and Smart Websites

Browser detection is a proven technology that allows Jena Communications to obtain a viewer’s hardware, software and connection speed information in a fraction of a second in order to optimize their browsing experience. This system goes well beyond Mac or PC and Internet Explorer versus Firefox. Just to name a few features, we can determine presence and version of FLASH, iPhone verses Blackberry and instantaneous download speed verification. What all this means is we can have multiple versions of your Website to accommodate practically all combinations of viewer systems and connections speeds.

For video content we can now have Quicktime for MACs and FLASH or WMV for PCs. Large videos sizes for computers with broadband and smaller low-bandwidth versions of the same video for mobile devices. We also have e-commerce solutions available that are optimized for mobile devices. All this management is seamless and instantaneous to your viewer which translates into less bounces and more business.


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